In Beyond War, a Quantum device is a measure of the ability to tunnel to the defined measure of space-time transactions known as 'causality nodes'. The term Singularity does not have any relationship to gravity, contrary primitive concepts of space-time. Instead, Singularity refers to the absolute certainty of a single causality node in its continuity link to the next causality node, rather than alternate nodes representing outcomes that could potentially exist. The Reactor component of this phrase represents the identification of this Quantum span of space-time, identification of causal nodes, and creation of a bridge function to non-continuity - and 'sampling' of that Universe to destroy space-time in a controlled context. Some of this energy is used to re-create the bridge from one causality node to another, spanning any destroyed period of continuity in the 'relevant thread' which we perceived as observers subject to time as past, present, and future.

At least, this is written.

How these things really work is anyone's guess, since the forces required and expressed when the 'charge' is 'dropped' from function to the relative location of the quantum singularity reactor (QSR) is so tremendous that ordinary matter on the scale of galaxies can be redirected, shredded, and obliterate stars and very large stellar objects. Or make tea.

QSR technology in Beyond War affords the Sanguine the ability to walk among the stars, stand off gravitational forces that would crust a galaxy, survive pressure and temperatures which form stars, and move at relativistic speeds without being destroyed by ordinary matter.

Missing time, deja vu, and other disruptions in space-time are alleged to be the result of use of QSR technology, including distortion and shredding of physical space where battles have occurred. The destructive force of this energy dumped into normal space causes it to collapse, allowing ordinary space and all adjoining 'pocket' elements to be destroyed as energy vents into the adjoining "high" and "low" states which make up Universe functions adjoining our primary modulus.

A 'modulus' is a definition of the minimum and maximum energy state in our Universe, and a 'pocket' is a abscess formed outside the modulus which extends matter and energy from our Universe into the adjoining modulus, which is secure from normal space without a specialized device like a QSR or similar power source. Sanguine store their vital body and mind, of a sort, in these 'pockets', and operate through quantum tunnels to a physical body which allow them to interact and act as a portal to this 'pocket', which can commonly be as large as a planet.

Because QSR technology is so destructive to ordinary time and space, use of thee devices is very sparing by species like the Kai'Gi, but are the resort of species fighting Sanguine and other greater threats. Tyec and Genosect rely on conventional warfare to carry out operations of war because they rationalize the loss of bodies, which are housings for the consciousness of their species only - like humans would consider a drive in a car - while retaining the awareness that less sophisticated life still rely on their bodies and cannot be likewise converted or put in others. As such, Tyec and Genosect show great compassion for the living beings of the Universe, contrary the expectation of the Death Coprocessor in prior generations of weapon system. When these species do engage their automated central control, their behavior reflects the same efficiency but operate on more objective policies to preserve life, often suffering incredible attrition ratios to preserve native primitive human and animal life.

This is why wars by Tyec and Genosect are visible and ongoing, while Sanguine conflicts are sudden and decisive in many cases. Sanguine can wage war on this level, but their perception of the suffering and lack of equality and commodity valuation of all life versus the specific cause and individual for which they wage war, make protracted wars unusual.

Because of the tremendous energy involved, the destruction of a QSR can destabilize space-time near the event, causing a release of 'high' or 'low' energy, escape of exotic matter, and disturbances.

Since Sanguine contain dozens of these devices, and can grow them at will in their body, the destruction of a Sanguine is even more problematic - and their remains can become dangerous centuries after the life has left them or their Death Coprocessor has been disabled. More than once, a sanguine thought to be dead has sat up and recovered from mortal wounds. The Death Coprocessor being one of the first components the system reconstructs using QSR technology, this makes their disposal by anything less than professional methods, an exceedingly dangerous and unreliable act.

QSR technology cannot move a person through time. It can destroy time. This is best remembered, and despite all efforts including the ability to reach beyond normal space, it does not bring the dead back to life. Although it can sample quantum data in the linear path and using DNA directly connect and gather data into the Death Coprocessor affording verbatim sensations, emotions, thoughts, and feelings of living things; which can then be replayed back into other persons via direct network connections made in the surface of objects which contact living tissue. Sanguine use this ability to sample millions of dead and dying subjects, and transmit this combined signal data on contact with living targets during combat. Sanguine creatures made for war may also perform this process of sampling and replay, making even a small scratch or momentary gaps an experience of confusing images and feelings of absolute terror and suffering. The psychological wounds are often more effective than the physical ones, and lessen the physical damage that Sanguine and their extensions must do in order to intimidate, compel, and coerce a public.

This is why the Kai'Gi employ Tyec and Genosect to fight the Sanguine - as such creatures are immune to the effect of the Terror.

The Sanguine are also capable of preserving and replaying any emotion, moment in time, or experience of any living being - just by sampling the blood of the subject once.

They have also been known to use other sensations to their advantage, even the sensation of being mercilessly tickled, to amuse themselves and avoid the more obscene act of torturing others with images and visions of real people. It makes them both dangerous and damned annoying at parties.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.